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On Our Own, Inc works with local districts and charters to provide School based behavioral services in a variety of ways, all focused on teaching children with special needs the skills they need to be functionally independent in school and life.

Our approach to behavior support begins with a Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA), when necessary. An FBA is a comprehensive assessment of the behaviors that interfere with a person's developmental growth or functioning in the home, school or community. This assessment includes direct observation by a Behavior Specialist within the classroom environment.

The Behavior Specialist then works with the student's educational team to create a sustainable Behavior Plan that will allow them to effectively manage the student's needs while also assisting the student with learning skills that will allow them to independently monitor their own behavior in the long term.

This plan may include a Temporary Support Aide to provide direct services to specific students, or a Temporary Classroom Support Aide to provide teachers with behavior management models and assist indirectly with supporting positive classroom behavior.


In both cases, the Support Aide is responsible for monitoring the progress of behavior goal achievements by collecting data, maintaining progress records, and reporting significant changes in behaviors to the Behavior Specialist.

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